Policy Perspectives

DC Update: New Shutdown Showdown

Congress is back, fighting again while a possible government shutdown looms in just a week. Last year was the least productive legislative session since 1931 (92 years), but this year is likely to break a new record, given the Congressional dysfunction exacerbated by the upcoming election. I hope to have some news to report in the future, but right now this is it. Sorry!

Los Angeles International  Wine Competition—Enter Now!

The Los Angeles International Wine Competition is now accepting entries until February 23, and I strongly encourage wineries to get involved (https://lawc.fairwire.com). 

This event is 85 years old, and as a judge for the past 25+ years, I can attest to its professionalism, fairness, and marketing value. There are judges from around the country and world, and wines from many states and countries bring home medals, with numbers attached (90 and above) to all Gold and Double Gold wines to enhance marketing. This event, held in March at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds (Fairplex), also includes parallel contests for wine labels, spirits, and olive oil. Part of their post-competition marketing program involves wine education classes during the LA County Fair in May which I always have the pleasure of teaching.

Covid hurt all competitions, but some like LA soldiered through it and are growing again. If you don’t enter, you can’t win, so enter today.